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The Gripster

The Gripster

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The Easiest Way To Improve Your Grip Strength!

The 505 Gripster gives your forearms a good pump, and it'll definitely make your veins pop!  

Using The 505 Gripster will strengthen your forearms and hands! The key to seeing results is consistency. Keep at it for a few weeks and you'll definitely make progress.

Who Should Use It?

The 505 Gripster is suitable for everyone of all ages, and its especially useful for:

  • Athletes: Perfect for athletes that do any of the following sports; basketball, baseball, football, wrestling, rock climbing, tennis, golf, and many more!
  • Musicians: A great tool to warm up your fingers if you play guitar, piano, and violin, just to name a few
  • Anyone Undergoing Physical Therapy: The Gripster can help treat arthritis, carpal tunnel, stroke, and tendon surgery.

How Long Should You Use It?

We recommend 15-20 minutes a day.  5 sets of 10 with 30 seconds rest in between each set is more than enough. Use a weight that you're comfortable with, but still challenges you.If your forearms get sore, take one or two days off to let them recover. Stay consistent and you will see results!

How To Use The Gripster:

Step 1:Strap it around your wrist.

Step 2:Choose your weight setting.

Step 3:Place your fingers in the ring slots

Step 4:Extend your fingers, and clench your fist on the bottom part of the movement.



  • 3 Weight Settings On Both: Gray- 6.6, 8.8, and 11lbs. Black- 13, 17, and 21lbs.
  • Durable: Made of high quality silicone
  • Adjustable: The strap can be adjusted to fit any wrist size

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews

it isn't what it said it was, the finger tips were closed and it broke easily

Deven Crooks

The 505 Grippster

Shaylee Hegmann

The 505 Grippster

Jeremie Waelchi

The 505 Grippster

Martin Magana

Honestly, my order did not arrive and I have been waiting for one two weeks and a half says it’s in transit, but in reality who knows where it is I have spoken through email with the company and all they just gave me is information about the transit but nothing else.


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